Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Trevorium

The purple blanket has been vanquished, in its stead is a handmade door made a la Trevor. In fact we should call the house the Trevorium. Above the door you can see Trev's well engineered steel platform that holds the hot water cylinder now artfully covered in plasterboard.

Trev's also worked on the bookshelf in the office area. It covers one wall and it's our goal to completely fill it with books. At the moment it has far too many copies of Who Killed Dave?
on it. We left a lot of books behind when we left QLD, and I often regret not bringing them with us.

Must take photos of our bedroom. We're still sleeping on a mattress on the floor. It looks very zen, but doesn't do our backs much good getting up in the morning. I also have to take photos of what is no longer the floordrobe and the pantry, Trev's finished milling up and making the shelving.  Might make the supreme effort tomorrow :-)


The Teaching Of Thom said...

He's one clever man....maybe you should keep him?

Loving your house shots :)

Daffodil said...

He is a clever Trevor! That is a fantastic door and I LOVE the wall colour. Your house is looking divine.

Linda Cockburn said...

I'm always telling him he'd make someone a lovely wife. But you're right. I'll probably keep him.