Friday, 17 February 2012

Stuff the Zuchini Flowers!

People have said worse when offered zuchini before. It certainly gets an emotive response after another glut of them. After a while even the pigs give me a look as if to say, 'Come on, how many more of these do you expect us to eat?'

My attempt to grow different colour zuchini, black, green, yellow and striped for variety doesn't seem to have worked.

Each year I make a few batches of stuffed zuchini flowers. A centimetre thick finger of fetta, with minced chilli or a slice of chilli or garlic is inserted into each flower. The flower is sealed with a small amount of blended fetta and then dipped in a thin batter and deep fried. It has to be very hot and very quick or the cheese melts into the oil. Served immediately.

I used to only take the male flowers in an early morning pick. Now I'm less fussy, if it means a zuchini or two less, so be it!


Rebecca said...

Do you stuff the male or female flowers? Or doesn't it matter?

Linda Cockburn said...

You pick the flowers when they first open, so if you're picking the female flowers you've lowered the chance of the fruit being pollinated, and therefore stop it from developing. So stick to male flowers. However, if you're thoroughly sick of zuchini, you can stem the tide and eat the girls too!