Saturday, 14 January 2012

Who Killed Dave? The Movie

Well actually Who Killed Dave? is not a movie yet - it's just a screenplay. I've taken a month off work to do a lot of things, (a part from sit in the house and gloat) one of them doing a final re-write and send it off to producers.

I've been reflecting that in the last five years I've not completed anything new. (I wrote Who Killed Dave? in 2006). I've been working in dribs and drabs for the past three years on Louis(e), a literary novel based on the life of the first European woman to stand on Tasmanian soil. Louise was a French woman who posed as a man on the Recherche, one of the two ships that came in 1790 as part of D’Entrecasteaux’s scientific expedition. The facts of the story are relatively few when it comes to the part she played. But it's fascinating. I've not tried to recreate someone's life before. It's difficult as I'm not sure I have a 'licence' to say things about someone that may not be true. Putting a voice to a fictitious character is easy, putting it to a historical character, even if they have been dead for over 200 years... it always feels so darn libellous.

I've also spent time re-editing Humya's Gifts a four part story for young people that I wrote some years ago. I had a literary agent pick up on it, but the market is so small in Australia it didn't go anywhere. I re-read yesterday and laughed and cried the whole way through. I'm going to send it off to see if anyone else does too.

I feel like I'm on the brink... now the house is finished I can finally focus on something other than work, uni, and a huge garden. Hey Trev, what do you want to do once the house is complete? “Plenty of gardening and some work to pay off the house.”

One book I don't want to write is a 'Straw bale House adventure'- ready to move on.


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Thanks Lou, a good example of an authors website - I take it this was what the link was for?

Wombat said...

Loved "who killed Dave "
The rating of the the movie should be damn close to Adults Only