Saturday, 15 October 2011

Paddy grown Sea Grass Matting

The ceiling lining had been decided some years back, but when it came time we decided against Solomit Straw panel lining and went for paddy grown sea grass matting. Not a local product, but one that will last through the years, look good, be up to a thorough upside down vacuum, doesn't require glues and is a natural product.

Trev's not so sure about the final look saying the house looks like it's wearing a tweed coat. It's not complete in the images as it still requires beading around the edges to keep the sides from the slight sag they have at the moment. But the final look is well established.

Trev tore a muscle in his side while putting this up and thwarted all (correction: most of) his attempts to complete the job quickly. Doing a self-build does take it out on you physically. I've buggared my shoulders with hauling too much mud around and spend more time than I like to think grimacing and trying to find a position that doesn't hurt. Some days there aren't any. Looking forward to lying in the sun reading books. If only I'd get to the point I can let myself. A very wise doctor once said to me when I told him how stressed I was and I'd come to Tassie for the quiet life 'Yes, well, it's true of life that you take yourself wherever you go'.

I think our next adventure might be an adventure in slowing down.


Anonymous said...

I think the sea grass matting looks great! I can't imagine you "slowing down" Linda. I think perhaps a new challenge will come your way! xxx Jayne Preston

Zev said...

I also think the sea grass matting is beautiful. What a novel idea. Hope that it lasts a long time for you.

Tammy said...

Love the sea grass matting! Hubby and I are currently researching potential lining material for our converted "shed" home...would love if you could share your sources. Thanks