Friday, 22 April 2011

Lock Up! (your daughters?)

The house is a house with walls, floors, ceilings, doors and windows. Yes. We can lock it up and you'd need a crow bar to break your way in. A $30,000 mortgage to get us to this stage. Though of course most of our one income goes into paying for the house before it gets to the mortgage stage. I must catch up with just how much, probably more than the same again.

It's lovely to walk inside the house at the moment. The light is fantastic. There's almost a sense of reverence when we do. Because soon, at least not too far away, this will be our home and we'll no longer be the poor cousins living in the shanty town shed at the bottom of the block. The rooms aren't too hard to visualise in their finished form, and it's not going to take forever to get them to that state.

We're about to go shopping for a slow combustion stove and a solar hot water system and have them installed. (happy to hear suggestions on best brands for the stove) The laundry tub, the shower stall, the kitchen bench and sink, the ceiling Solomit lining, the power, which has all been run, 'lit up' as Trev says, a few more doors a fair lick of paint, the rest of the floors beeswaxed, oh heck, might stop the list making it's starting to get a tad long. Still, things that can be done pretty much in any weather and most of it while I'm at work :-)

N.B The photos are now old news, the floors are now complete as are the internal walls (thanks again to John Fibbens for his help). I'll have to get back out there for an update.


Chris said...

Well done! Not a bad sized mortgage either. It's been a long and eventful journey. I'm excited at the thought you'll be finished soon. :)

Sharon said...

Looks great. We are building too, but we are just at the frame stage - we are doing strawbale as well.

I would recommend the Thermolux stoves, thats what we are getting. They are really good heaters as well as cookers, and are made in Australia as well. They are also one of the best for price - for what you get anyway, some of the big brands are well and truly out of our price range!!!

Daffodil said...

Your house is looking fantastic! We are also at the stage of looking at wood heaters for our strawbale house.

We are looking at the Nectre Bakers oven as it heats up to 8 squares which is about the size of our main living area. In a previous house we had the medium size CleanAir wood heater which was overkill and we regularly had to open a window to cool the place down.

Anonymous said...

dear linda
until the RTA took my farm and house i had a gourmet cooker it was fantastic I show yoour site to all the kids in my class
from bec