Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Fine art of Appreciating Apricots

You take one apricot, insert it into the appropriate facial aperture and make 'hmmmm, hmmmm' noises as you chew. A swipe or two as the juice runs down the chin.

My brother used to say that 'Linda eats apricots and spits out the box'. Too true. A good apricot is as good as any mango.

There will be apricot preserving coming up in the next couple of days so Caleb can eat his favourite pancakes with apricots for breakfast in the middle of winter.


Jayne said...

They look very delicious- often ones from the supermarket are quite tasteless. My mum makes a really nice apricot jam but it would be nice to try a few different apricot recipes :)

Darren (Green Change) said...

Apricots are definitely in the category of "fruits that are divine when grown at home, but completely crap when bought at the supermarket".

I'm envious - my little tree will need a couple more years before it bears any quantity of fruit.

Bev said...

Are you having any trouble with birds? It's impossible for me here to get any fruit without netting the trees. Eastern Rosellas are the main problem.

Linda Cockburn said...

Apricot yoghurt smoothies...apricot shortcake... apricot sorbet...dried apricots... currently bottling buckets of them. Had one that didn't seal and made apricot muffins. Best way to eat them is still definately raw and ripe, right off the tree.

Bev, we've been lucky, no issues with birds this year. While the blackbird ate all the raspberries and most of the cherries he didn't get to the apricots. Mostly because he is now buried under it.

Not a nice story. It involves small cages baited with cherries, a small stick, a long string hanging out of a window and the right moment when pulling it.