Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Did I mention...?

That I've mastered the final coat of mud on two rooms and am quite impressed with the final result. Played with types of sand, clay (including hacking out an old Kaolin hill in the area with Cal and Trev) adding various 'hippe' additives of cooked flour paste and linseed oil and tried lots of techniques to get it right and seemed to have got it right enough to have no cracking and not too many lumps. I keep seeing hand rendered walls in movies and remarking, 'Hmm, should have got me to do that, look how uneven that is' kind of remarks. In jest, believe me, in jest. Once these walls are done I'm hanging up the trowel for good.


Sharon said...

Looks fantastic! We are about to start (any day now - when our excavator driver arrives) on our strawbale house. A few years off rendering, but I hope I can do a job half as good as that!

Christie said...

Linda that looks amazing, well done!

Granola Girl said...

They look fantastic! I don't know if I would have that level of patience, but more power to you!

Anonymous said...

Far out! I haven't read your blog for ages. I read your book on the good life about a year ago when I was living in the Blue Mountains. I've just caught up with your blog again, and shocked to hear about Trev. Hope he's continuing to improve. Kia kaha,

Daffodil1971 said...

Your house is looking amazing!!!! The timber floors are just gorgeous with the earthen rendered walls. Just stunning.

We are that same stage of the final coat of render to the walls of our straw bale house. As much as I have enjoyed the hand rendering process and seeing the final product smoothed out under my trowel, I cannot wait to not render again. One wall at a time, slowly does it.


wombat064 said...

Hi Guys, the house is looking great. Keep up the good work. Best wishes and good health to all..