Sunday, 25 July 2010

Red Robin Take Two

This little guy is so cute he's cutting into my gardening time, 50 blackcurrent cuttings went in yesterday, going to try transplanting the gooseberries too, but must admit to looking dubiously at the length of the thorns and finding myself other things to do.


mountainwildlife said...

Thats a great photo! No wonder he's interupting your gardening time, what a beauty.
Actually, isn't some gardening time about observing nature? ;-)

Out Back said...

You are lucky to have such a pretty visitor. Hope he plans to stay for a while so you can enjoy him some more.


Poppy @ A Life Less Simple said...

Hi Linda,
I've just found your blog as I am half way through your book and enjoying it immensely. When I was younger I use to almost eat books but now-a-days, with goats, chickens, an allotment and much more, I don't really make time for reading and very rearly finish a book but yours has me glued. I can't wait to get to the end to find out what you do next and hope you are all well and happy.

Is it just the one book you have written or are there more?

Cat said...

Cute is the perfect word. Mother Nature is so lovely!

daharja said...

Cuttings! It *does* feel like August is all about cuttings, doesn't it!

I'm going to try my hand at Elderberry cuttings later on today - I've no idea how to do it, so reading must be done first.

Then I'll just give it a go - the cuttings are from a tree at my daughter's kindy, and yes they've given me permission!- and see what happens.

After that I'll be reading up on goats. After years of my husband saying NO GOATS he's starting to relent, so I'm hitting the books in anticipation of maybe getting a pair next year. Which is probably idiotic, as I know nothing about goats, although we do have sheep.

Enjoy the wildlife. As Mountainwildlife said, some gardening time is all about observing nature!

kgason said...

how beautiful.
i've been inspired by your book and have planted out vegie seedlings in a vegie patch, but was suprised to see a mouse out there the other day. has this happened to you, and what can i do to stop it eating my seedlings? any ideas?

Lifestyle Explorer said...

Very nice. I started working on my garden this week. Hopefully I will have a beautiful backyard soon and have little visiors like you.