Friday, 29 January 2010

Who Killed Dave - reviews

Thank you to all you kind people who've now reviewed Who Killed Dave?
There maybe more that I'm not aware of, so if you have posted a review and it's not on this, please let me know. (actually Donna didn't) Not sure this is actually a review

My favourite review is still my mothers - as made in earlier comments.

Robyn's mother (the main character in Who Killed dave?) is based on my own. Though my mother isn't nearly so awful... but she does have the same verbal dsylexia. Spoonerisms, malapropisms are common fare with my mother. She has a repertoire of them that have entered into the Cockburn lexicon. Some of them made it into the book, the rest I made up. Mum's keen to tell me that she's never said Incompetence pads instead of incontinence pads.

Mum's review is based on a comment I made about 25 years ago when she recommended a Catherine Cookson book and I said CC was 'Milly Molly Mandy for adults'. I forgot all about this - naturally, but Mum never did.

During a telephone conversation (25 years later) mum suddenly blurted out.
'I've read your book. It's the sexiest Milly Molly Mandy I've ever read!'. Apparently it gave her nightmares.

Fair enough too - it's not the kind of book you share with your mother, but I couldn't see myself not sending it to her either. She did well to read it at all. Don't think Dad got past page 2 - can't blame him either.

It's not for the faint hearted. The screenplay version is almost complete... a fair bit of swear-age removed. Onto writing something completely different - literary fare this time, humour playing a very small role, if any. The change in genre is a rusty gear change in my head.


Em said...

Hi Linda, I finally got around to writing my review. It is here:

Barb. said...

Sounds like a good read. Pity I didn't know about it before, maybe I could have been a reviewer, never done that before.

Keep up the good work you are doing Linda. You are who started me living more simply. We're not there yet but on the way.


Bungy said...

Screenplay? You little beauty - that ought to be good.
I reviewed too -
Good luck with it and all the other projects in your life right now...


Jilly's Place said...

Hey Linda, sorry it has taken me so long but here is my review. I really enjoyed the book not so the writing of the review hence the delay LOL
Love ya work :)

Jo said...

Hi Linda, it's late... but it's done!!

Sorry that it took me so long, I loved your book and laughed my ar$e off the whole way through ~ brilliant, thank-you!