Friday, 4 December 2009

50 copies of Who Killed Dave? to give away

The free books will be sent to the first 50 Australian* residents
who send an email to
with Who Killed Dave? in the subject line
and their name and address in the email body
and a link to your blog

The conditions? Within 8 weeks you've read it, and reviewed it on your blog.(You're not obliged to give it a good review)
But no spoilers please - Who Killed Dave is a secret.

You can read more about Who Killed Dave? at
*apologies to those overseas - the postage cost is too prohibitive


Em said...

Email sent :) How can anyone resist a free book? hehehe

Linda Cockburn said...

There you go, I would have thought they'd have been all gone by now, but only just agreed to give away the 25th five minutes ago.

So if you thought you were too late, you're not. I'll post when the 50th is up.

Rialla-T said...

I received my copy today... just in time for some weekend reading!!! I cant wait!

Thanks again :o)

mcadwell said...

I wish I could get this in America. :(

Linda Cockburn said...

Working on an e-book giveaway for outside Australia mcadwell. Shouldn't be too far away.

Quasior (A. Harris) said...

Recieved, read (once I started I could not stop - hold christmas), will review today!! Thanks.

Donna Did said...

Woohoo got my book today and will review in the next week or so - just need to deal with Chrissy right now. Thanks heaps! I will pass it on when I am done too :-)


Jilly's Place said...

Thanks so much for the copy of "Who killed Dave?" Linda. Jen has finished it and I am half way through and can't wait to finish it. Buh humbug just give me more time to read LOL. Two reviews on their way shortly. Love to the three of you at this Christmassy time xx

SEQLDbyfoot said...

Thanks for the copy of "Who Killed Dave" which arrived today.

Em said...

Got it and loved it! Promise I will review soon. Am a bit distracted at the moment but I have a good excuse! I just got engaged :D *happy dance*

Linda Cockburn said...

I'm not sure what's going on, but around 50% of people are sending through their address, but not their blog site. It's close to 50 now, but around 20 or so people haven't received a copy because of the lack of blog address. I've sent emails requesting the address... no response.

That's the deal a free book for a free plug on your blog.

Lot's of great reviews coming in. I have yet to catch up with everyone about theirs. Something to do with having mud encrusted hands most of the time.

I'll be posting a list of reviews some time when guilt catches up with me.

SEQLDbyfoot said...

Loved your book! I plan to send it to my sister to read then pass it on to a friend.

Linda Cockburn said...

Yep, not one to pass onto your mum... though of course I was obliged, reluctantly, to send my mother a copy. It was worse because the only character based on a real person is Robyn, the main characters mother, is firmly based on mine. Mum spotted this pretty quickly. Not sure she read to the end, but she reviewed it. It's my favourite review. It's based on a comment I made about 25 years ago. Mum recommended I read a Catherine Cookson book, I told her CC was Milly, Molly Mandy for adults. Guess it didn't go down well. In the middle of a normal conversation with my mother she suddenly blurted out...

'I read your book, it's the sexiest goddamn Milly, Molly Mandy I've ever read'.

Also said it gave her nightmares.

She did well to have read what she did, don't think dad got past page 2.