Wednesday, 15 July 2009

We lashed out and bought one of those dirt chewing beasts - the enemy of the no dig garden, a rotary hoe. When it comes to break new ground quickly, nothing beats them, and when you're stupid enough to keep expanding your garden range and you have carpal tunnel issues, it saves the pain of digging it laboriously by hand. I love it.

I strip rotary dug five lengths of one paddock and planted cherries, plums, apricots, peaches, almonds and hazelnuts. I also lashed out on a mulberry tree, - I can't get over the price they are here, in Queensland you hack a bit off the old tree stick it in damp ground and a couple of months later you have a tree. Not so here, here they're described as slow growing! It cost $56.
I'll have a go at propagating more from it in the future.


simplelife said...

I had a mulberry tree on my birthday wish list last year. No wonder I didn't get one!!!

cheers Kate

Teresa said...

hello from across the Huon River. I also have problems digging, because of having mispent my knees in my youth.
I have been considering a rotary hoe for a while and was wondering if you'd mind telling me what one did you get?

Linda Cockburn said...

As Trev tells me Teresa, I'm not much of a machinery person. I complain that this one has too many bells and whistles, I want go, and stop - only. However, rear tiller and a Honda motor (Trev tells me they are vastly superior, but he could be wrong, what would I know) are the way to go.

Teresa said...

Thanks for that.
Meantime I've had a delightful neighbor come in and plough three lovely long rows where I can now take over the world.Spring is looking good.