Friday, 8 May 2009

We Flew

My no-flying policy took a bit of a lickin' this month. We jetted off to see a friend in Queensland because we really wanted to. It was an emotional 5 day rollercoaster ride which ended on a high note when we spent time with Leela and Ehren, Trev's kids. Despite paying to offset carbon emissions the guilt of such flagrant non-renewable energy use was a trifle unsettling. It's my first flight in around 7 years, and that was work related.

Of course we had to make a trip round to our old house where we did our six months. We shouldn't of. The solar panels were not connected, not sure what the issue was, and why they weren't, the rainwater tanks were also disconnected,same story. My citrus trees are covered in scale and partially skeletonised. Lots of trees are missing, though my avocado tree is still thriving, there were macadamias, custard apples, carambola and chillies still going hard, and the surprise was the size of the three olives, massive.

I was chuffed, but then you can't kill an olive with neglect. Nor too can you do much to buggar up bamboo, they were HUGE! They were planted to be an eventual barrier to the road beneath, and if I'd continued propagating them they would now be a complete sound and visual barrier about 30 metres high.

One small gratification ... spotted some tobacco drying, not all is lost.


Anonymous said...

Always hard to look back and find your efforts have not been valued. I make a vow never to do that after I found a garden I had lovingly built concreted over and those spiky weird plants from Qld planted in pebbles in what was our lovely Tasmanian garden. I took a vow on none violence then and there! Onwards and upwards!

Sharon said...

We are about to leave our place of nearly 8 years - solar panels, chook pen, vegy garden and fruit trees. I never want to come back here, as my heart sinks to think of what might happen to all that work. Although we are moving to our 'dream', its still hard to leave the 'stepping stone' behind.