Friday, 25 July 2008

$10,000 dog?

Nuju and little ramses provided us all a good giggle recently. The little black ram decided to have a go at ramming Nuju, repeatedly, backing up, putting his little head down and charging Nuju. Nuju, of course, just stood there and 'grinned' before leaping away, though not being so quick that he didn't get the occasional smack. Caleb and I raced outside to record it. Caleb was keen to send it in to Australia's Funniest Home Videos, so we did. We heard back in the last couple of days that they'd like to use the clip. Caleb is so excited and calls Nuju the $10,000 dog. If it wins Caleb is going to get the other half of the kayak he's been saving for, and hopefully we'll get a roof over our heads! It would be nice.

Here's a retrospective image of a much smaller Nuju and a much smaller Caleb and the doomed to failure attempt to combine the two of them with gardening.

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Anonymous said...

Te hee! I hope you win!

Keep bloggin Linda, I love to read about your life!

Raisa from Finland