Friday, 9 May 2008

Organic Tea Range

Hi All,

I've been working away on a range of organic teas. I hope one day to be growing certified organic dandelion root, but for now I'll have to content myself with buying it off others. All these

Raspberry Leaf and Stevia
Chamomile and stevia
Chai Tea
Dandelion Chai

are made from BFA certified organic herbs, spices and teas and represent some of my favourites. The pungency of the herbs is amazing, every time I open the sealed containers it's a sensory blast.

I worked out last night that it costs between 15 - 20 cents a cup, depending on the type of tea purchased. Which is good value.

I've had heaps of fun creating the website and taking photos, but as my laptop is very limited in what screen resolution I can view it in I'd appreciate a heads up if it views oddly on yours.

I'd also be interested in hearing what your favourite tea is, and any interesting blends you enjoy. I'm a tea freak, have been for years, but there is no doubt that chai tea is considered food around here, it is such an intrinsic part of our diet served milky with dollops of honey. Hmmm!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely site! I wonder whether you could offer a sample pack though with one or two of each teabag so we can try them before buying a whole pack?

Lyndel said...

Hi Linda,

I'm reading your book and loving it. I'm so interested to follow your straw bale house development. We wanted to build one in Clunes, Victoria but sadly opted for a low budget kit home. The cost of getting someone to oversee the building was so expensive. We didn't have the expertise (or the guts) to do it ourselves. I think straw bale houses are the absolute best and we should be building them in the suburbs. How is the building process going? You and your family are so cool. You have what most of us lack - the courage to take a risk. Your life looks so appealing. Is it as terrific as it looks?

Anonymous said...

The tea arrived today, the mail box has never smelt so good. Off to make a cuppa right now.

cheers Lenny

Anonymous said...

Hi, my favourite teas are Chai, Green Jasmine and Licorice. At night I like a blend of Spearmint & Chamomile.
Bron Barker

rabbie said...

Hi Linda
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