Thursday, 18 October 2007

First Ever "real blog"

Well, it needed to happen, I wasn't looking forward to making a big change over to blogging land, as I thought it meant hours of going over the old site and try integrate it into the new. But if I can find a way around it... I will. So over the next few weeks I'm going to try integrate this in with

It will certainly be good to become a little more interactive.

I'll set up a few different topics and say -

over to you...

But for now I think we'll just say, general comments please!


Julie H said...

WooHoo! I am so glad that you are going interactive! I hope Trev is recovering and look forward to hearing more about the bees, and goats - not sure about the dog (sounds a bit gross!)

Jayne said...

We enjoy reading your thoughts,ideas and experiences - well done !
Hope Trev keeps a healthy distance from the tools next time and that he's getting better.

Anonymous said...

Oh goody finally a chance to comment. Been following your story since before it began. I hate the sight of blood but the dog bit grossed me out more.


Teresa said...

Hi Linda,
Great news that you now have a blogging site too - gives me an excuse to write and tell you how much I enjoyed reading your book, and how inspiring it was. It certainly had me dreaming of packing up house and shifting to a bush block.....but reality has a way of intruding on such imaginings. However, given my suburban limitations I am thoroughly enjoying my vegie pot patch and our couple of tiny pet chickens, many thanks. Hope Trev's on the improve - and you're nerves are recovering - what a phone call.

Linda said...

I've passed on everyone's good wishes. Trev's well on the mend, and back on the building site. Talking about pulling his own stitches out on Friday.

Next Month the blog will be on the main updates page, so much easier to get to. Unfortunately by hosting on it restricts changes to the template. But will try and make it look prettier than it currently is.

oh, and, Happy gardening Teresa!

Anonymous said...

I've read your site for the last couple years, good stuff. Very inspiring!

Bev said...

Hi Linda,

Good to see you've a real blog now although I doubt if my nerves will stand much more......Caleb breaks an arm...Caleb runs off the Trev stabs himself. I'm starting to worry about you and those blessed bees.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic to see you now have a blog. You have inspired my wife and I and I very much enjoy reading you regular updates. Best of luck with everything and I hope Trev patched up ok after his incident with the chisel.

daharja said...

Just dropping by to let you know you're a real inspiration to a group of my friends and me. We've been following your adventures for a while, and hope that everything is working out well down in Tassie!

Looking forward to the next book - there *is* going to be a next book, right? :-)

Take care,

Leanne, Michael, Dragon and Dawn XXXX

Song said...

I have just started reading your adventures (off to get the book tomorrow) and it is great to see (and show my partner) that you CAN live a eco-friendly lifestyle without giving up your sense of humour or the good things in life.

We are renting at the moment and I keep getting in trouble for diverting the gutters and digging up the lawn to plant veges. I can't wait to move somewhere and build and have a huge garden and lifestock - I also love bees and would love to keep them.

My partner is looking forward to the living in a shed while we build part, while I am not at all. i don't know how you do it!

Denise said...

Hi Linda,
I have been interested in what you have been up to since reading your first book. It has been a great inspiration and so is your website. My husband, 2 boys and I are also living in Tassie and recently moved to 5 acres at Forcett so busy setting up a mini orchard, a dam, hopefully possum proof gardens, getting chooks while trying to work full time as well. I am just reading a new book out that you may enjoy called "Choosing Eden" by Adrienne Langman who has moved to acreage in northern New South Wales because of the fears of Peak Oil and its consequences. Scary stuff. Well done on all that you are achieving and hope Trev is on the mend.

Frogdancer said...

I've enjoyed reading your site for the last year or so.

Tell Trev he's right... dogs are excellent for cleaning up. At least you've found a guy who'll actually clean up after himself! (Even if it is in a gross way!)

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed reading your website and the book for a couple of years now. Thanks for the read.

But since when is Tasmania part of Afghanistan?? (hint, check your profile)


Kat said...

Oooh exciting that a blog will be featuring.. I'm excited to be able to have the opportunity to read responses from people, of course, as well as the wonderful & funny (& sometimes frustrating, scary, gross) things that happen in your adventures.

Thanks for the great reading, I love hearing all that you're up to. Best of luck with the house & the sheep & the bees &.. &... all of it. :D

han_ysic said...

Hey Linda and Trevor
Congrats on the new blog, excited to see what happens as the comments come. You are going to have no time left as a result. lol

nikkishell said...

I'll be watching your every post! I'd love to do a little interview with you for our zine, Mixtape. Would you be interested?

Kate said...

Hi I'm sort of glad that you're going interactive mainly because everybody else seems to think that it will be better BUT I think that I haven't quite got the hang of this blogging thing....I have enjoyed reading your site for ages and I loved the photos. I'm having trouble negotiating my way around the new setup. But many many thanks for the great reading and looking.

simply patti said...


It's great to "meet" you! I requested your book for our local library and encourage everyone I know to check it out!

Your livin' my dream life! Thanks for sharing your bliss with the world.

Blessed Be

Linda said...

Thanks everyone!
I must admit, having a blog is better than working 'alone' on the website. Hope to update more often, have taken lots of photos with that intention.

A quick note to Kate ... I'm fairly new to blogging too. I spent hours making this really swisho blog and was frustrated when it just wouldn't upload to the website to discover it won't while I host it on my site. So it's going to have to be a whole lot more basic.

I'll try to keep it simple - hope you get the hang of it!

Anj said...

Awesome to see you are blogging I have just read your fantastic book which has inspired me we moved to just under 5 acres just out of Christchurch, New Zealand about seven months ago when i was 36weeks pregnant hoping to ahve a house on our land by the time the baby was crawling YEAH RIGHT this is NZ the land of the long white resource consent!! Still waitng for that but enjoying setting ourselves up with chooks,learning how to use a bore, septic tank and the other things we have inherited While I was reading your book hubby was rolling his eyes as I was continuly inspired by you and the info you included right now i am thinking of ways tp build our new home with the lowest embodied energy He is now reading so hopefully will be as inspired my goal is to have an entire meal off our land using the chicken eggs and veges from the garden! Thanks for your fantastic book