Wednesday, 4 June 2014

My Mind Traps Animations Launched!

Well it only took me about 3 months longer than anticipated, and the final animation is yet to be completed.
But there are 17 minutes of animations in 4 separate mini-movies - approx 4 mins long.

They originated from my first posts here about the DILLIGAF experience. Driving down the highway and seeing someone with the bright orange letters emblazoned across their rear windscreen. I was horrified to see them roll down a window and throw out a can. Caleb guffawed (he does that these days) and explained to me the significance of DILLIGAF (Does It Look Like I Give a Fuck). 

It blew me away that people would advertise the attitude, be so proud of it they spent good money to let us all know. I couldn't help but delve into the murky psychology of how it is we could come so far that not giving a fuck was cool. And here I am 9 months or so later, having completed an RMIT unit in animating with Flash, a crowdfund later, and lots of months bent over the computer - with a series of animations.

They're in three different places on the net already, so I'm not going to embed them here. They're all roughly 4 minutes long.

YouTube Links

Peak Challenge - What We're Getting Wrong

Mind Traps 1 - Why we're Getting it Wrong

Mind Traps II  - Why We're Getting it Wrong

Mind Traps III - Why We're Getting it Wrong

Mind Traps IV - Why We're Getting it Wrong

Higher Resolution and smaller download sizes on my webpage

Together Press - Peak Challenge and Mind Traps

Or you can check them out embedded into the Living the Good Life Facebook Page

I hope you have the chance to spot them, and, if you think they're good enough to share, share them! They're not going to motivate a real climate denier, they're aimed at the people who are peripherally aware and worried, but who don't feel they can make a difference. Together... we can.


Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Hi Linda These are amazing you have doe such a great job. I have posted all of them over on my blog and will be emailing to to everyone in my address book.

Linda Cockburn said...

Thanks Fiona, nice to hear. The response to the movies has been next to nothing actually, 6 months in the making... and they went no where. But planning on a revamp and a continuation with a printable pdf of things we can do... just have to find the time.

Cheers, L